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Summer Lovin’ (Had Me a Blast)

Nothing says, “summer” like soaking up some rays at the pool, and no one knows this better than Linda! Linda has always loved lounging by the pool and working on her tan. In fact, she loved it so much that Live A Dream arranged for her to spend a hot, summer afternoon floating in the lazy river at Deep River Waterpark in Merrillville, Indiana! Continue Reading

Deja Moo

You can take the girl out of the farm, but you can’t take the farm out of the girl! Norma, 93, loved the farm life so much that she used her Live a Dream to go back and relive old memories! With Johnny the goat as her tour guide, Norma had an amazing time at Master’s Petting Zoo in Plainfield, Indiana. Continue Reading

Batman Brought to Life

Before the age of television, comic books were the main form of entertainment. Mark Umbarger and Milan Doering have been comic book fans since they were kids. For your own good do not make the mistake of calling them Marvel fans, for they will give you an earful. Continue Reading

The Power of Dance

After becoming roommates, Faye, 92, and Mary, 98, quickly realized their shared passion for dance. Religiously watching Dancing with the Stars together was one of their favorite things to do. We knew when Dancing with the Stars announced they were going on a live tour, that Faye and Mary would have to be there.

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