Our Mission

We are lucky enough to be touched by inspiration every single day through the stories and experiences this program has created. Our goal is to share these moments with you, in order to allow more dreams to become a reality.

Our mission is to strive to serve our residents to the best of our ability, to embrace their passions, and to give back a little piece of what they have given and continue to give.

The Adventures Continue

We find opportunities to create experiences that our residents have always dreamed of, but have never had the chance to live.

Our residents have fed giraffes and gotten their ears pierced. They have hung out with Elvis, visited Washington D.C., ridden in airplanes and on motorcycles and posed for western photo shoots. Some have even enjoyed field-side views of their favorite football stars.

These moments are priceless, and inspire us and other seniors to keep our dreams alive.

Getting Back to What We Love

many of our residents were able to enjoy activities that they used to be able to do more often. But this time, we made sure to make them extra special!

From riding a horse again to taking fishing trips with friends, participating in marathon races and basketball games, or throwing the first pitch at a baseball game, it is easy to se how much the simple things in life can bring so much joy.

We thank our staff, families, friends, and various partners that were able to help in making these memories possible.

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