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Fair day

Many of us loved going to the fair growing up, and Helen Myer, a resident from The Meadows of Leipsic, did too. So much so, that she requested to go again last year! She spent her time enjoying the many featured vendors and games and even won a goldfish! A feat not many can brag about, but she managed to do it. Helen finished her day by enjoying one of her favorite foods, an elephant ear.

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Go mudhens!

John Schwab is a long-time fan of the Toledo Mud Hens, a minor league baseball team based in Ohio. He hadn’t missed a game for years but was unable to keep the same attendance rate as the years went on.

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Back to the ice

Reta Winkler is no stranger to hockey games, she was a spectator quite often throughout her life, but has been unable to go as the years went on. Because of her friends at the Meadows of Leipsic she was able to attend a game again! Few would want to brave the cold, but she was excited to explain all the plays and rules again! Clearly, she knows her stuff! The Toledo Ohio Walleyes took the win, and the team mascot, Spike, even came by to pay her a visit.

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