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on the green

Golf has long been a sport Wilma Thomas from Cedar Ridge Health Campus loves and used to play a lot with her husband and friends. After mentioning to one of our staff members that she would like to play again someday, we looked into making that happen.

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Ready, set, go!

Race cars aren’t too fast for Wanda Jolly, a resident of Cedar Ridge Health Campus! Her dream was to attend a race, so we organized a trip for her to Sparta Kentucky, and got her pit row access at the Kentucky Speedway.

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A Million dollar ride

When Cedar Ridge Health Campus asked Bob about his bucket list, he said he would love to, “ride in a fancy car, like the classic Bentley!” As soon as they heard this, they set hard to work to make it happen! Thanks to their new friend Sam, we were able to help Bob live his dream just in time for his 78th birthday! They rolled out the red carpet and tried hard to make this the best experience for Bob. The scene was set, and it was time for Bob to take the ride of a lifetime. We think his million-dollar smile truly says it all! Thank you to everyone involved in helping to make Bob’s birthday truly special! Continue Reading